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A country divided, a climate change dystopia…I’m not talking about the present days, but rather about my novella, Blood in the Sandbox.

Blood in the Sandbox Cover

In the near future climate change has disrupted the world’s economy. Many places are blighted by perpetual war over meager resources.
The United States has ceased to exist, but a federation of former states, now independent countries, has recently taken its place. Peace within the federation is a tenuous proposition. Small scale combat engagements settle interstate disputes without having to resort to to all-out war. Fought with medieval weapons inside gigantic sealed domes, these skirmishes have become the ultimate reality TV for the American public.
Captain Mark Husky of the California Guard enters the Dome of Texas to lead a heavy cavalry company against Nevada’s Guard. A former United States Army Ranger, he has mixed feelings about interstate warfare, but he is also eager to earn more prizes and fame.

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