The Shift

The Shift

”Where in the bleeping space-time continuum are we?”

In the blink of an eye, the constellations in the night sky are replaced by unfamiliar stars. Earth and the Moon are now in another star system, around a star identical to our sun. We are not alone. Seven other versions of Earth, plucked from alternate universes, share the same orbit. One of these worlds comes from a very dark timeline: the Axis powers won the Second World War, and they have the means to strike our planet.
How will humanity react to an event unlike anything in history? A diverse cast of characters grapples with the fears, challenges, and opportunities of a new era.
The Shift is perfect for readers who enjoyed The ExpanseSevenevesEnder’s Game or The Man in the High Castle.

About the Book
About the Author
Mihai Pruna

Mihai Pruna is a science fiction author focused on good character development and believable technology.

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